Rare birds on Texel


Rare Birds on Texel

Texel is well known as an island for birds. The convenient location of the island makes is important. Many migratory birds adhere to the coastline instead of flying over open sea until necessary. Texel, on Europe’s northwestern coast, is the perfect resting spot on long journeys. Duinpark De Robbenjager has its own birdwatching posts, which offer a perfect view of the marches in the dunes to rear of the campsite. This is most popular spot for the many bird lovers on Texel.

Birdwatching is becoming ever more popular. In Holland many make it a regular practice, sometimes in the garden or often in the wild. Our campsite plays host to a large number of bird lovers each year, making use of the wealth of opportunities to catch a glimpse.

Protected species from the Red List from Birdwatch the Netherlands, such as the Barn Swallow, Northern Wheatear and Common Linnet, are regularly sighted in the area. The Texel’s birdwatching society, “Vogelwerkgroep Texel,” maintains a list of sightings.

Hint: bring your binoculars! Bird Information Centre Texel in De Cocksdorp sells and has binoculars for hire as well as organizes birdwatching excursions. 

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